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A Realistic Bissell Spinwave Electric Floor Mop Review

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So if you’ll be doing multiple rooms you should use the larger area, I’m going to be doing one room so I’m going to use the smaller area.   So I fill up the water until the water line and then I add the formula up until the formula line.

The bottle cap is an easy twist-off twist on. Now let’s take our 28-ounce solution bottle and connect it into the Bissell  Spinwave with just a push and a click. This is the power button and this is the spray button.

The buttons are very easy to press and are at thumb reach. The Bissell Spinwave operates with a 22-foot cord and is held in place with a hook at the bottom and a rotating hook at the top that allows for easy unravelling.

This Bissell Spinwave comes with four reusable pads, one pair of lush microfiber mop pads that absorb your liquid, your scrubby microfiber pads that scrubs and lifts the dirt, and the orange ones are an add-on purchase from amazon these are your heavy scrub pads for your more abrasive scrub for the hard grit and grind.

Three sections on each side are little fingers that allow you to adhere to your pads for a strong velcro-like hold for a perfect rotation. Don’t allow the scrub pads to bump into each other, for that will make for a more wobbly operation.

Check out Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399 at Amazon

If you’re enjoying the video and it’s giving you any value please give the video a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button for more videos like! This is okay so now it’s time to clean the floors I’m going to be starting off with the heavy scrub pads but first let’s take another look at its dual counter-rotation! This electric floor mop is easy to store it stands upright on its own with a simple click and there you go! I’m showing you my dry hands to let you know that this area has not been treated and I  will be testing out the heavy scrub pads on the gunk and grit and grind to see how well it picks up.

Stay tuned! The rest of the areas we will be treated with water and vinegar solution to help lift up those stuck on gummies, grit, and grind!   Stay tuned for more information on sounds and functions.

Now let’s get started! When you press the spray button it will beep for as long as you hold the button down covering the floor with its formula. Now let’s see how long it takes to scrub up these stuck-on gummies! We’re still scrubbing, but stay tuned I see it lifting We’re still scrubbing, it’s still lifting,  Don’t give up now! We’re almost there! Let’s add a bit of hot solution to help lift it up! Okay yes this is taking a couple of minutes, however, these gummies have been stuck on the floor for about three days so yes it’s very hard on the floor and they are gummies so it’s coming up, it’s taking time.

The important thing here is that   I’m not on my hands and knees scrubbing it for the next couple of minutes, I’m just standing here guiding the Bissell Spinwave, so, I am enjoying this! I like it, I give it multiple thumbs up because I don’t have to get down there and scrub it the Bissell Spinwave the heavy scrub pads are especially lifting up all the gunk and it’s absorbing the gunk it’s not throwing the gunk everywhere it’s absorbing into the pads so that makes for another easy clean.

If you’re liking what you see so far please give this video a thumbs up! Subscribe for more videos like this! Thank you! Because of the way the machine was designed, it allows for a flexible swivel.

Please stay tuned for a real close-up of the machine’s features and sounds! You can point the formula over your desired areas as needed. So as you can see the Bissell Spinwave is breaking down the mess and absorbing it,  leaving the floor only damp to the touch.

It’s always a pleasure to see it Scrub, Buff, and Shine! Let us take a moment to listen and see how it sounds from a distance Each side of the Bissell Spinwave is made thinner allowing it to reach lower areas like, under my sofa.

An important feature I also wanted to point out is that it’s extra wide and this helps complete the room more quickly!   Now let’s switch to the scrubbies and this is going to allow a softer scrub.

So now, as we all can see the heavy scrub pads absorbed all of the gunk,   all of the grit, and most of the moisture allowing the floors to only be damp to touch!   Thank you for tuning in and nowhere is your realistic close-up of its features and sound! If you have any questions please leave a comment down below, if you like what you see please give the video a Thumbs Up! also  Subscribe for more videos like this! Thank you!   So because this area which is our eating area was not washed over the weekend I’m going to be doing an additional scrub with these scrubby pads that are included with the Bissell Spinwave package.

The dual counter-rotation is so strong that it can propel forward by itself! Now for the final step, we’re going to use these lush microfiber pads to buff and dry the floor! As you see it buffs and swivels around small awkward areas.

If the machine appears wobbly that’s because it is and this is because  I placed the pads too close together. Yesss! This is my favourite part because we’re finally finished! So as you’ve seen the floor had a lot of gummies on it from over the weekend and probably pizza and things like that but the Bissell Spinwave did pick it up.

Look at the shine! It’s buffed and shining! There’s just a little piece left on the floor which is not a  problem I can get that at any point, any time,   plug it in, turn it on, let it scrub around that area and it will lift up! I’m very pleased with this machine because it does all the scrubbing for me not once did I have to get down there and scrub it.

Check out Bissell SpinWave PET Hard Floor Spin Mop, 20399 at Amazon

I did put a little vinegar and water solution on most of the areas I wanted to test it out with and without the vinegar as you guys have seen. I  hope that you enjoyed this video, and I hope that you enjoy it.

.. Look at that shine! It is vibrant,  it looks brand new again and that’s what I love about using this machine is that yes my floors can get rough but at the end of the day this Bissell   Spinwave does the job for me, it takes care of all of that hard work, sucks up all that gunk,   grit, grind whatever it is on that floor it’s coming up! So I’m so pleased, your floor is more than likely will not look like mine so the machine is definitely going to do the job for you um and your floors because it did the job for me and my floors and you’ve seen what they look like! If you like what you’ve seen please give the video a big fat Thumbs Up, Comment down below any questions that you have, and Subscribe for more cleaning motivational videos and cleaning videos like this!   Thank you guys so much for your time! Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next video bye!

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.