Ainfox Steam Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Household Steam Cleaner Handheld Cleaning system and Car

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Price: $195.94


The Multi-Purpose Professional Steam Cleaner is a must have for any indoor and outdoor usage.
It can clean and sanitize the carpets, floors, fabrics, auto, etc With two extendable tubes for longer reach.
The high pressure steam provides an eco-friendly, hygienic way to clean oil stain,dust, stubborn stains ,grease and paint effectively and provides you a clean and comfortable space.
The power indicator light allows you to recognize when the unit is on and working, while the rotary button and handle steam switches allow for faster control of steam flow.
Mini Round Brush: Clean the gaps between ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Floor Cleaning Brush: Suitable for cleaning the surface of floor or ceramic tiles.
It can be used separately, or used with Floor Brush Towel Cap.Glass Squeegee: Clean smooth surfaces effectively.Airbrush: Strong steam, strong stain-reduction.
Used to clean tough areas such as windowsill gaps, toilets, etc.


Product Dimensions: 10.6 x 13.8 x 9inches
Voltage rating: 110V
Steam temperature:97 ± 3 ℃
Net weight:4.2kg


Floor Brush
Glass brush
Plus pole * 2
Injection rod
Small round brush
Towel sets
Water funnel
Professional grade with 3.5 bar high pressure system. Deep cleans, removes stains, grease and paint effectively;
Perfect for carpets, curtains, kitchen, toilet stains, cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, indoor and outdoor.
Remove oil stain easily ,remove dust in the gap of ceramic tiles quickly,remove stubborn stains from kitchen wares
208.4°F (98°C) high temperature steam, high performance in cleaning, sterilization and deodorization, killing up to 99.9% of germs, provides you a clean and comfortable space,Anti-incrustation stainless steel boiler, fast heat up within 45s with big steam rate, safer and effective
60s Heat Up Quickly,safer and effective, 25 Minutes of Continuous Steam.All purpose – Different cleaning accessories provides for different needs; Cleans and sanitizes a variety of surfaces, including: carpets, floors, fabrics, auto, etc
Price: $195.94

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