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Clothes Steamers – Tips On Steaming Different Types of Garments and Materials

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If you are looking for valuable information on steaming different types of materials and garments. You have come to the right spot! I will give you great tips on steaming your most important delicate materials and more. It is much safer to use a garment steamer on all fabrics then an iron. So don’t buy a cheap garment steamer or you will get what you pay for!

Tips About Steamers

  • Irons have a tendency to burn if applied a moment too long. Clothes steamers are safe to use on almost any type of fabric or material. There are a few materials that will be an exception to the rule and it will be marked on the care instructions of the garment you purchased.
  • Make sure you look for 1300 to 1500 watts of power to ensure more steam, the more steam the better!
  • Look at your heat up time, a telescoping stand and the length of hose. Depending on what you are using your garment steamer for, these features make all steam jobs a lot easier!

Steaming Tips

  • To get the best results out of your steamer, be sure to either hang or tumble dry your clothes so you are not dealing with deep creases.
  • Some garment steamers have a stand to hang your garment on, this will keep your garment upright and not laying flat. Steaming should only be done vertically. This will also keep water drops from landing on the fabric you are steaming.
  • Be sure to start at the bottom so the steam rolls up the garment. This will make an amazing difference in the effectiveness of using your steamer
  • If you try steaming from the inside of your garment, pull down on the fabric. Keeping your material taught will make your steaming 3-4 times more effective.
  • Be sure when you are done using your garment steamer to let it cool for 30 minutes and then remove the remaining water from the container. You will also need to clean any condensation from the hose. To get rid of the condensation, hold the hose vertically and let the water drip back into the water container.
  • It is very important to use distilled water to ensure these minerals don’t change the color of your material. If you don’t use distilled water, you will need to put white vinegar in your steamer periodically to get rid of the mineral buildup.

Basic Materials

When steaming pants, hang by the cuffs and touch the garment lightly with the steam head. You will notice the creases disappear.

Heavy Fabrics or Materials

When steaming jackets, table cloths or curtains, be sure to hang over a curtain rod and steam both sides.

Delicate Materials

While steaming silk or cashmere, be careful not to touch the fabric with the steam head. Be sure to hold about 1-2 inches away to be sure not to incur any damages. Velvet or beaded garments should be steamed from the reverse side of garment. NEVER touch any of these delicate items directly with the steam head.

A wedding dress should be hung in a steamy bathroom. Turn on the shower and let the steam of the hot water do the work, but be sure to keep the dress away from the water. The hot steam will help release the wrinkles. After leaving your dress in the steamy bathroom long enough to work out most of the wrinkles, use your garment steamer to work out the hard to get out deep creases. Make sure you put a towel over the steamer so no water drops drip on your wedding dress.

If you are not comfortable steaming your delicate belongings, be sure to take them to a professional dry cleaner you trust.

Fun Tips

Another way to use your clothes steamer is to remove window tint. Your window tint will come off with great ease, just like cellophane.

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.