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Dupray Steam Box™ Steam Cleaner

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The new Steam Box 5.4kW is Dupray's most powerful professional steam cleaner on 220V. The Steam Box features everything you need for an efficient deep cleaning, including hot water injection, detergent injection, high temperature low-moisture steam and adjustable steam pressure. Offered with CST for easy refills during operation and the ADI digital interface featuring active temperature, steam pressure and maintenance reminder, this ultra powerful steam cleaner can also be feeded directly by a water hose to eliminate any downtime. The Steam Box is ideal for light industrial or for heavy commercial use and is a favourite of food processing plants, CNC milling shops, wineries and other industrial environments.

Dupray Steam Box Steam Cleaner: Versatility At Its Best
Steam cleaners work by turning regular tap water into a superior cleaning and disinfection agent that can deep clean, degrease, deodorize, sanitize, kill viruses and bacteria from any surface without having to use any cleaning chemicals. Superheated steam contains only 5% water, so it is mess-free and uses about 1 gallon of water per hour.

Hundreds of Industrial Steam Cleaning Applications
The Steam Box can tackle literally hundreds of different steam cleaning applications with its complete set of 26 accessories. Perfect for car detailing, floor cleaning, machinery cleaning, heavy degreasing, grout cleaning, kitchen equipment detailing, wine barrel cleaning, bottling line cleaning and more. Any professional or industrial job can be done using the best steam cleaner available.

All The Professional Cleaning Tools You Need.
You can count on steam to deliver perfect cleaning results every time. Try the steam lance with detail brushes to detail equipment, to degrease or to get rid of stains. The large rectangular floor tool can restore and disinfect any surface like non-slip floors and ceramic tiles. The triangular tool is a popular disinfection accessory that can be used on furniture, mattresses, conveyor belts, countertops and to deep clean car interiors. Use the window accessory to get perfect results on flat surfaces like shower doors and mirrors. The extension tubes are used to work standing up and to clean walls and ceilings.

Made in Italy With The Very Best Parts
This steam cleaner is assembled using top quality European components for all internal parts. At the heart of the steam cleaner is a TIG-welded stainless steel boiler backed by a lifetime warranty and high-performance replaceable heating elements. The best steam cleaners come with the best warranty: 3-year on parts and lifetime on the boiler and casing. The only maintenance required on your steam cleaner is a quick 2-minute boiler drain after every 50 hours of use, as indicated by the ADI digital interface. Offering the best personalized service, it's no wonder Dupray is the worldwide leader in professional steam cleaners.

The Best Steam Cleaning Technologies
Low-moisture superheated steam is the best way to clean, sanitize and deodorize any surface. The Dupray Steam Box produces steam with only 5% water content that is superheated at over 345°F and released on command through a detachable insulated hose. This steam cleaner features two highly practical options to supercharge your cleaning: inject a blast of boiling water in the steam to rinse and flush out dirt and grease or shoot a few drops of heated ecological degreaser in the steam. Combined with the full 5400 watts of pure steam power, the Steam Box is the most powerful commercial steam cleaner on 220V.

The Best Steam Cleaner Features
Variable steam pressure control let operators choose between low, medium or high steam pressure settings according to the cleaning application. Heavy-duty jobs like graffiti removal or grease cleaning can require higher steam pressure and more delicate applications like car interior detailing will require the lower setting.

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Le Steam Box comprend tout ce dont vous besoin pour un nettoyage en profondeur incluant un système d'injection d'eau bouillante, un système d'injection de détergent, de la vapeur à haute température et une pression vapeur ajustable. La vapeur sèche surchauffé produite par le Steam Box a le pouvoir d'éliminer rapidement les germes, les bactéries, les punaises de lit et les allergènes. Le Steam Box de Dupray peut être utilisé pour une grande variété de taches de nature commerciale ou industrielle telles que le nettoyage de plancher, le dégraissage de cuisine et le nettoyage de joints.

Fabriqué à la main en Europe, le Steam Box de Dupray est vendu avec une garantie à vie sur la bouilloire et 3 ans sur les pièces.

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.