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Kirby Vacuum: What To Know Before You Buy

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Kirby company is another brand name in the vacuum industry. If you are planning to buy your next vacuum with Kirby, this post will guide you on your decision. Let us start with a brief introduction about Kirby. Kirby has been manufacturing its home care system products for ninety years and its main specialty is its vacuum models and accessories. The company is named after Jim Kirby, its founder who designed the company's first vacuum. Due to the length of existence in the vacuum industry, Kirby has manufactured quality and powerful vacuums. Because of this Kirby has gotten its fair share of the vacuum industry.

Aside from the vacuum accessories such as Kirby vacuum bags, Kirby Sentria is the main vacuum product that promotes the company's home care system ideas. The Sentria has been getting a lot of both negative and positive reviews from the consumers. As a prospect buyer, it will be useful to know these facts too. Below is the pros and cons of having Kirby Sentria in your house.

What are the benefits of having a Sentria?

1. It is a powerful cleaning equipment that clearly clean dirt and debris in your house.
2. The vacuum is equipped with high tech system that it allows users to easily operate the machine.
3. You can adjust the height of the Sentria to fit your own preference to avoid hurting your back while cleaning.
4. To clean the dark corners of your house, the vacuum itself has a LED headlight.
5. Quick drying carpet shampoo process is not a problem as Kirby can do it too.
6. Bed bugs are avoided as Sentria can remove mite allergens from your bed.
7. Pet hair and dust are easily captured because of its strong air flow system.
8. It has the ability to give a polish and shiny look on your floor.
9. Kirby Company offers a life time warranty for its consumers provided that you buy Sentria from their authorized distributors only.

Kirby Vacuum Bags

1. Fit well on Kirby vacuums and firmly stay on place.
2. This bag can hold more dirt and debris than the normal vacuum bags.
3. It uses a system where it eliminates unpleasant odor in the house

The above qualities are the strong points of Kirby. Let us now enumerate the negative comments of the consumers about this vacuum;

1. Too expensive compare to its competitors.
2. The vacuum itself is too big and heavy that some people find it hard to use it.
3. Because of its size, some hard to reach areas are difficult to clean.
4. Produce a loud noise when using.
5. Aggressive distributors

Because of the "pushy nature" of the distributors, a lot of customers where turned off in buying the machine. Instead of buying it, a customer may feel irritated within the demo time. This is because these distributors can be very aggressive that they leave an impression of force to buy the product immediately. Here, a lot of users avoid Kirby because of this.

To sum it all. Kirby like other company has good and bad points for improvement. As a buyer, it is your duty to know the features and downside of a product you are buying. Let this guide guide you in making your final decision in getting your own Kirby home care system.

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.