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LOVIN PRODUCT Handheld Steam Cleaner, HIGH-PRESSURE Chemical Free Steamer; ALL IN ONE; ETL LISTED; Removing Grease, Stains, Mold and more for Home, Auto, Patio

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Price: $45.99 - $22.99

The multi-purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner with Safety Lock pressurized powerful hot steam up to 15-20 minutes offer a chemical-free way to deep clean home,
patio and sanitize a variety of surfaces,even can work as a steamer to remove wrinkles from garments.

-you can clean your house without the use of chemicals, detergents and pesticides to protect your family, pets and the environment.
-Easy use, lightweight and handheld with 9.5 feet power cord for easy mobility to effectively removes grime, grease, mold, stains indoor and outdoor.
-9 special accessories allow you to clean virtually every surface with scrubbing brushes, pointed lances for hard to reach areas.

How to Use
1. Simply fill the tank with water and plug in the unit the water is heat up.
2.Lightly press the steam button and check whether steam is sprayed out of the nozzle.
3.Install the accessory of your desired function and press the steam button to operate.

Technical Specification
Rating of power supply: AC110-120V, 60Hz
Tank capacity: 350ml
Suggest water capacity: 200ml
Rated power: 900-1050W
Steam pressure: 0.25-0.30MPa
Injected steam capacity: 28g/min
Temperature controller: functioning temperature: 135℃;
fuser: functioning temperature:169℃
Overall dimension: 415x131x215 mm
Net weight: 1.15kg
POWERFUL HOT STEAM – Fast Warm Up and 1050W of Power; Emits pressurized powerful hot steam (250-270F) for up to 20 minutes! Cut through any grease, mold, grout or stain with our high-pressure steamer.
Free 9 Accessories and MULTIPLE SURFACE USE – Includes an exclusive FREE 9 piece accessory Kit. Our handheld steam cleaner unit is best suited for sealed surfaces, and it is great used for home, office, lab, restaurant, auto beauty and can be used to clean, disinfect, degrease, kill germs and remove peculiar smell without second contamination.
DURABLE And ENERGY-SAVING – Our machine is designed to have aluminum alloy die casting boiler body with extra-thick inner wall, and can resist high pressure and has a long service life. With integrated design of specially-made heating tubes and boiler body, overall heating is provided, high heating efficiency and energy-saving.
Easy To Use – Switch on power supply, and the machine immediately starts heating process. When it heats to specified temperature, press the steam button, and steam will be sprayed out slowly. Lightweight and convenient handheld design make it easy to carry from room to room.
SAFETY – 100% Chemical free with no harmful fumes or residue. Designed to prevent heating empty boiler, after the water in the boiler tank is heated and evaporated completely, the machine will automatically disconnect the power supply and thus prevent empty heating. With safety lock and cap on the handle is to protect children, seniors, or pets against high temperature steam.
Price: $45.99 - $22.99

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.