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Steam Mop Tis and Review

McCulloch MC1375 Steamer Review & Demo. Is it any good for detailing?

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All right, what is going on? Everyone welcome to detail projects in today’s video we’re going to be taking a look at a very versatile tool that is very popular in the detailing world, and that is the McCulloch MC-1375.

Now I’ve owned the steamer for about two years now, and so today, I’m gonna be sharing you guys, uh. My experiences with the steamer uh, we’re gonna go be going over the product description and we’re gonna put it to the test uh.

With a couple of demos here, so let’s get started all right. So, let’s dive into the product description, all right so starting off the Macaulay 1375 can be found at amazon for uh 250 dollars, Canadian, which is approx, uh, 180, u.

s and uh. The construction of this is an old plastic shell, which comes with a piano finish of the top here, which is very, very prone to scratching, and so it comes with two larger wheels on the back two little wheels on the front.

So it’s really easy to maneuver around it’s a very light unit as well and very compact. So it’s easy to store it away. Um, the McCulloch also comes with a pressure indicator gauge here, and it also comes with a variable um valve flow or steam flow uh valve, but I always tend to use it on the max setting because it doesn’t it’s not effective if you uh adjust it to The minimum um it comes with an uh 10 foot, uh insulation hose, which is a very flexible hose and it’s easy to use around I’ve never experienced so far any cracking or any failure.

So it’s been holding up pretty good so far, so I’ve got no complaints. There uh the gun itself, has a nice soft grip here, so it’s really comfortable to use and it also comes with a trigger lock. So if you’re gonna be continuous steaming and you don’t want to have your hand down pressed, you can just lock it, and then it will just continue steam.

So another nice feature it comes with the 18-foot power cord and then, if we move to the back uh here’s where the water tank is uh um located and it comes with a nice brass cap, and so there the uh cap here is brass and the Capacity of the water tank is 48 ounces, uh and I tend to use distilled water because I want to avoid any uh.

You know build up into the tank, so it’s always ideal to use distilled water when you use the steamer all right. So now the McCulloch also comes with 20 accessories in the box, which uh pretty much 17 of them are not useful for any of uh detailing tasks or applications, but we’re going to go over them anyway, and we’re going to start off with the ones that I Do use for detailing so starting off.

We got the five and a half inch uh extension nozzle, which adapts to the gun. Then I adapted with the angled nozzle, and this is primarily how I use the uh, the steamer, and the next accessory that I use for my carpets and upholstery.

Is this triangle brush attachment which again attaches to the gun and like so steam comes out of this valve here or this little orifice and uh? I tend to wrap a microfiber um rag like a diaper method, because um the one thing that I noticed with all the bristled accessories that McCulloch offers are very, very stiff and they don’t hold up that great, like they almost kind of melt or deform.

So they’re not the greatest quality, bristles and they’re very, very stiff, so be careful if you’re going to be using this around any leather or anything in the vehicle that is sensitive because this is not a soft-bristle.

But it’s a handy, design I like the shape of it, so it helps me, get around upholstery and carpets all right, so the next product or the next accessory that I use is the water cup measuring cup that comes with and uh.

So I usually fill it up three times to 16 to get the 48 ounces into the tank, so this is very handy, it’s nice for them to include it into the accessories. Now, let’s go over some accessories that you’re probably never going to use for the detailing uh for detailed applications, but you might use them for your household applications, and starting off is a chisel.

Looking accessory. I’ve never used this, so um the steam shoots out of here, and then you can just. I guess you know, agitate whatever it is that you’re going to be doing. I don’t know what the use is for this.

Then it comes with a two and a half inch stiff, bristles brush again, these are very, very stiff, and my assumption is that these are going to turn out like this after use because it’s not the greatest material.

So I don’t think they’re going to hold up that well, um, next and sorry the way you apply the, those uh all these brushes is you use the five inch extension and uh you just attach it in like so, and so that’s what it looks Like okay, next it gives you uh two scrub pads, and I guess you can use this for your barbecue or something else, just kind of like very stiff as well, but again no use for the detailing world.

And then it gives you two one and a half inch again: uh nylon, stiff bristle, brushes um, which uh you can use for maybe some you know flooring or or something i don’t know and then finally it gives you a one and a half inch brass um Brush, and so this could be like for a barbecue or something you wanted to clean out something heavy duty.

Next, it comes with the uh 16 and a half inch wand, accession wand with the uh head, and you can use this for your floors in your home or your garage or wherever I tried this couple of times. I found it very useless because the steamer does not produce enough heat for this to come over the microfibers, and so it produces a mess, and I don’t use it at all.

Next, it comes with two microfiber mop heads that you can attach to the larger mop head, I guess steam head for your floors and it just attaches through velcro under here and like so again.

I don’t find this very effective, so you can take my word for it or you can try it for yourself. So this accessory attaches to the um to the uh floor head and again it comes with those really cheap, looking stiff nylon, brushes, which uh won’t hold up.

So they don’t really. I don’t find the use of that either uh. Next, it comes to another little brush that attaches to the uh to the triangle brush. We talked about, and so this one here attaches in like this, and then it looks something like that and so not sure where or how you would use this again but um again.

I’ve never used this, but it’s included so okay, and so it also comes with a nice little cargo net that you can attach to the uh rear of the uh um steamer. And then you know potentially just put your little brushes in there just to hold them um and lastly, it comes with a nice little McCulloch branded bag.

So you can gather all the accessories and throw them in here so they’re, nice and organized so yeah. I guess it’s a good value but uh. For me. I tend to not use all these accessories. I only find two or three of them that are very effective.

Okay, so McCulloch claims to um uh. So the initial setup takes about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up uh mccallick claims that it can continue steam for 90 minutes and um. The uh pressure is about 58 pounds of pressure or four-bar of the uh of steam shooting out.

So those are the claims by the manufacturer all right. So, let’s dive right into the demo video and show you guys how to set up the steamer and also we’re gonna go over some of my preferred areas of the vehicle where I like to use the steamer.

Let’S talk about my experience with the uh with the McCulloch and uh. Let’S talk about what I do like and what I don’t like and uh. Let’S start off with what I don’t like, so I don’t like the fact that the McCulloch doesn’t heat up at a higher temperature, like some other competitors out there, it only heats up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and what my problem with that is, is that it’s not hot Enough and um a lot of times, there’s more water coming out than vapor and it’s kind of frustrating because it makes more of a mess, sometimes than actually helping you out clean some surfaces, um, and so that’s the one thing that I don’t like.

I know that there’s a steamer out there that I’m very curious to try out – and that is the Dupray neat, and it goes for about 199 and that heats up at 275, and I know that a lot of higher-end ones.

They heat up about 325 degrees Fahrenheit, so they produce more vapor and are more effective than the McCulloch would be um. So that’s the one thing that I don’t like. The other thing I don’t like about.

The McCulloch is the fact that uh they claim that it continues steaming for 90 minutes. That is not true, I’ll be lucky. If I get maybe 40 minutes out of this continuous teaming. So if you were to let’s say, you’re, a professional or, let’s say you’re ready to tackle a project for your cars or your clients and you needed to use a steamer for let’s say your carpets upholstery, then you needed to heat it up for you.

You know interior panels and then maybe some exterior use. You would probably need to set this thing up, probably two or three times depending on you know how heavy or how big the vehicle is, and that is really time consuming and there have been times in the past.

For me that I just don’t bother setting the steamer up at all, because if I don’t think it’s necessary, it saves me a lot of time to set it up and use it throughout. The vehicle requires a lot of time because of the small uh tank, the water capacity, this tank or this steamer has so it’s time-consuming takes time to set up, and I mean the initial setup takes about.

You know 10 to 15 minutes and to me. It’s it is time consuming so like somebody like on a mobile setting, uh or something like it would have been a little bit painful to set this up, because it doesn’t last that long um now like I said it, purchased a lot of water.

Initially, it takes quite a little bit of time to get to normal. You know consistent vapor output. I noticed that initially when, after it’s heated up, the gun just spits out water, and then you know then eventually just kicks in and uh and starts vaporizing or you know steaming.

So that’s another thing I don’t really like about it um. So other than that, I must say that the McCulloch has held up pretty well um it. You know it’s, it’s not a heavy-duty. Construction like I said it’s all plastic, but nothing has cracked so far.

Um. You know I’ve been taking good care of my tools, so you know you got to be mindful of you know how you store it, how you use it, and what not. So it is a complex size. I like the size.

You know the fact that it does what it’s supposed to and I do think the price is right. So for 250 dollars. I do think it’s reasonably priced because it’s not like, I said a heavy heavy duty, um steamer, that you would have to pay a thousand plus or 800 dollars, I think for 250.

I would recommend it um now it would. I buy it again um. This is a hard question to answer because I would buy it again because I’ve been happy with it, but I noticed on amazon the steamer that I mentioned.

The Dupray neat um they’re in the same category and I’m very very curious to try that out over the McCulloch, because it has a nicer accessories and it’s 50 cheaper right now on Amazon, so I’ll be very curious to put that head to head or maybe Try it out so if I was to buy another steamer, I probably wouldn’t buy them.

For that reason, I would like to try something different and that doesn’t mean that the McCulloch is a bad product at all. So don’t take me wrong there, but yeah. I do highly recommend it. I think it’s a very versatile tool.

I think it does have its place in the detailing uh and you’re detailing arsenal and the detailing world period. like I said, a lot of the accessories are not really for this uh. It’s only a couple of accessories you’re going to use up most accessories are not really useful for the detailing projects, but having a steamer is very versatile for your home um, and so it’s a nice tool to have around all right.

So, having said that guys, I hope this video helps. You guys make a decision if you’re in the market for a steamer um. Like I said you know it is a good product uh, it does have its place, so I recommend it.

I think it’s reasonably priced and for a starter, uh tool, it’s uh it’s great to have. I have no complaints so far um, and so I mean minor complaints, but overall it’s held up pretty good. So all right! So, as always like subscribe, and we’ll catch you on the next one talk to you later,

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.