MLMLANT Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner 450Milliliter Water Tank Capacity 9 Pieces Accessory Set Multipurpose Multisurface all Natural Chemical Steam Cleaning Home Auto Patio More

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Price: $34.99

Product Description:MLMLANT Night in ONE with Double Safety Lock is equipped with 1050W Power for best chemical free germ killer & all area sanitizing results. Cut through any grease, mold, grout or stain with our high pressure steamer. Water Tank Capacity up to 450ML★ALL IN ONE STEAMER Our improved feature offers includes a FREE 9 Accessory KIT which allows you to use our Original All in one for any purpose. See our comparison chart. Floor Steamer are made for floors only, Industrial High Pressure Steamer for constant pointed Steam only, Most other multi-purpose steamer for other limited use scenarios only. OUR All in one Steam is versatile, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We also included an extension Nozzle for extended mobility and improved reach! ★WHERE TO USE Hard Surfaces Our All in One handheld steam unit is best suited for sealed surface, including ceramic, vinyl, laminate, granite, marble, and sealed hard wood such as sinks, stoves, countertops, refrigerators, kitchen, furniture, floor, living room, windows, toilet, tiles, shower curtains, bathroom, pet toilet, cat litter boxes, car seats, car rims, grill, BBQ, kids toy. Best All in One solution for indoor & outdoor! Soft surfaces High Pressure Steam sanitizes beds, mattresses, linen, duvet cover, Couch Fabric & Sofa Material and removes even wrinkles out of shirts, pants, suits, clothing & fabrics. ★HOW IT WORKS Step 1: Fill water about 350ML Step 2: Plug in Step 3: Wait the LED off Step 4: Get high pressure steamThe best Handheld Steam Cleaner: Superheated pressurized safe steam eliminates grease, grime, stains, and without harsh chemicals.
Fast Heating: Heats quickly with a 3 to 4-minute warm-up time.
9 Pieces Accessory sets: Deep clean the hard-to-reach areas of your home using the heavy-duty attachments for more targeted harmless cleaning.
Safe Multipurpose Cleaning: use on a wide range of non-poisonous surfaces ceramic tile, granite, waterproof wood flooring, laminate tiles, most cotton and wool carpets, and washable wallpaper.
Easy Handheld Use: Lightweight and portable unit comes with a long 9.8-foot cord for convenient indoor and outdoor use.
Price: $34.99

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