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Steam Mop Tis and Review

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 Review

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Today, i’m going to review this steam mop cleaner and i’m just going to do a voice over over the video, so yeah i’ll just get right into the video the box just came in and i’m just opening it.

This mob comes with many different parts: and this one is the squeegee attachment. It also comes with a cup and a funnel. This is how the mop comes in the box and now i’m just looking at a different part, and it comes with two pads.

This mop is so easy to use, so it comes like this and you just make it straight like that. So it’s just easy. This is how it was so if you want to make it straight to that, just something like that, if you want to break it down just and if you want to remove this part, you just open it like this, i’m not doing that right now.

It’S the map head, [, Music, ], and these are the parts of the mop and each of the different parts serve a different purpose: [ Music ]. Once again, this is how you remove this part of the steam mop now attach the squeegee part.

I need to clean my windows and and mirrors, so this is used to put water in here, so i’m just gonna do that. Let’S just use this [ Music ]. I think that’s it. So i decided to come here in the my phone does.

The mirror is a little bit dirty around here, so i’m just going to use these, so i’ve already filled this before and i’m just gonna turn it on [ Applause ], and you need to be very careful when you use this appliance because it’s very hot, The steam can burn you so be very cautious when you use it [ Music, ], [, Music, ].

This is very good. I really like it already i’ll turn it on, and now i’m just removing the water on it. This is very helpful and yeah. I’M done with the mirror, i’m done with the mirror and when i’m done i’ll, just put it back in and it’s so easy and then and now i’m using this device to clean and sanitize my floor in my bedroom.

So that is what i’m doing right now. So this map is very useful because you can do so much with it and, as you saw, i cleaned my mirror with it. I’M cleaning my carpet with it, and it’s also saying that you can use it on hardwood.

You can use it on marble on vinyl on tiles. You can clean your kitchen and certain garments. You can use it on any surface and it’s just going to clean the surface well and sanitize it, and this came with two pads.

I’M gonna put here like this [ Music ] push this first push it until you hear the click sound and yeah, we can make it stand by putting it like this, so just remove. So i would say that i’m very satisfied with this purchase because uh it made the cleaning process very fast and easier because i was using steam instead of just those detergents and different products to clean uh any surface.

This was team, so it was faster. It was just a good purchase and i would recommend it to anyone who wants to purchase this device. It’S very useful for any person who has an apartment in house lives alone lives with people.

It just amazing. I really like this and i’m going to use it even more because this was the first time that i used it and i really loved it and now i’m going to incorporate it in my cleaning, routine and yeah.

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.