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Steam Mop Tis and Review

Review of Black and Decker Steam N’ Vac

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This is a black decker steam mop and vacuum all in one. How awesome is this? I’m gonna unbox it I’m gonna go over all the features I’m gonna show it in action. Get ready. This is amazing steam and vac from black and decker.

It’S two in one kills up to 99 germs. Without chemicals on sealed surfaces, I guess that’s the steam mop part of it. If you have kids and animals at home, the whole without chemicals thing is kind of huge.

This is cool. This is a zero-waste kind of thing. It’S a washable, stainless steel filter, powerful motor with unlimited run time. I’m excited about this because we currently only have a cordless which dies in like 10 minutes and that’s just really annoying so here’s what’s in it we’re gonna unbox, the steam mop and vacuum the washable mop pad the pad tray, and the dustbin HEPA filter three Languages here for the guide wow, this is cool.

How it comes in the box, I’ll bubble, wrap here’s the cord a little head cute and there’s the mop. All right here is the oh, the main vacuum. It’S pretty small. This thing is going to be really lightweight here, you can see.

The handle is not inserted. Refer to the instruction manual for handle assembly seems simple enough. Where we’re going to take the tape off of here, then we are going to stuff it in there, and then we’re gonna screw it in.

I don’t even know which one is a number two or a Phillips head. So I’m just gonna see which one fits. I think that’s good. So here’s the base with the little wheelies here is the mop pad holder, and here is the carpet attachment there we go now it clicked we’re going to step here to release a lot.

Here’S the mop pad – and it’s elastic on here when it’s on you step here, to release it and then you take the mop pad off to wash it really easy to open. This is the washable HEPA filter in here, so you unlock and it comes out.

So cool looks like I’m ready to make coffee in here. There’S the filter, here’s how to clean it, so you open and dump it take it apart, and rinse out the filter. Let it dry 24 hours and then put it back together, so you’re gonna just open here to dump it out and then back in it goes lock it into place and you’re done you just kind of like tilt it back, and then it goes back to Sit, I love this.

It’S got the two up here and down here for wrapping the cord, so here we are on the reverse side and to get into the water tank for the steam mop. You just push in here and pop it out, and here is your water tank for steam, so you fill it up and it can do steam up for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Let’S fill it up so got it filled up snap it in and uh. I think we’re ready to steam on the front of the handle. You can see your options of vacuum max steam and eco steam, and you can even do them at the same time, vacuuming and steaming, and then on the inside is where you squeeze for the steam to come out.

So let’s give it a go: full disclosure! I have never done a steam mop. I have never steamed anything in my life, so I’m kind of nervous, but this seems pretty easy and straightforward. I’m gonna use it in the kitchen because it could really use a deep cleaning.

We’re going! It’s like the sound of iron. You know, I guess it’s that steam thing, but it’s not super wet. Just like moist nice, I just cleaned the kitchen and, if I’m being honest, i was on the cordless forever team uh, I kind of hate cords.

I hate. Having to carry it around and change the outlets and all this stuff, and when we switched to our cordless a couple of years ago, I couldn’t have been happier, but this right here, game, changer, and I’ll.

Tell you why you can steam mop and vacuum. At the same time, I’m not even kidding you can do both at the same time kill two birds with one stone, um life hack of the year. This is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome, plus space-saving, because you have one machine that does both things.

Who has time to go through the whole house and vacuum and then go back and mop, not to mention your regular mop? Isn’T a steam mop, which is killing bacteria and viruses and all kinds of stuff like the chicken that fell under the floor? And you forgot to clean up properly yeah.

This is going to kill that salmonella on your kitchen floor – oh my god, I’m so excited about this. I’m excited to have it for myself and I’m excited that one of these bad boys is in the giveaway on my blog right now guys it’s over a 500 jackpot for our parents for kids, we’ve got shoes, we’ve got amazing stuff, so click the link in my Video description to go and enter to win now and I’ve also got the link to buy it at Walmart and bed bath and beyond link in the video description.

We’re talking the best steam mop 2021 and the best vacuum cleaner 2021, in ONE product!! Use this Black+Decker 2-in-1 as a steam cleaner, as a vacuum cleaner, or DO BOTH AT THE SAME TIMEGood luck, guys, and let me know what you think: do you have this vacuum? Are you gonna go buy it now? It’S amazing thanks for watching guys, bye,

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"As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases." All Amazon Links on this blog are my affiliate links which I will get a commission if you buy through the link.