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Top 3 Questions About Steam Cleaners

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Q. What Steamer Should I Buy Upright Or Canister?

A. Both types of steamers have certain advantages over the other. The first port of call is to be clear of what use you will put your new steamer to. This is important as it will define the type of steamer that you need. Hard floor steaming is better done by an upright steam cleaner. Canister steamers on the other hand are generally able to reach difficult areas such as under furniture and crannies and crevices.

If you are looking for a hot steamer for floor disinfecting and so on, the upright models are better positioned to deliver. This is due to the design of the upright models which have a boiler just on top of the head. This eliminates heat loss through hose travel of the steam as is the case with canister steamers. It is for this reason that upright steamer are considered more suitable for tiles and hardwood steam cleaning.

Q. What Is The Real Advantage Of Steam Cleaning Over Bucket And Mop?

A. The advantages of steamers over the old fashioned bucket and mop system are tremendous. First of all steamers solve the problem of using chemicals when cleaning. Detergents affect individuals with certain allergies. They have also been found to have cancer causing agents commonly known as carcinogens. These can affect humans and animals alike. When steam cleaning you do not need chemicals. You simply use steam to clean.

Secondly, steam cleaners leave a better air in the room that is cleaned because they contain no chemicals. Homes that are cleaned using detergents tend to have an unpleasant chemical smell lingering long after the cleaning is over.Steam cleaning is also more hygienic as you will not have to make contact with dirty water when drying the mop.

Lastly, in the long term steam cleaning is cheaper as you will not need to spend a lot of money on detergents and chemicals. Over a period of say a year, you get to save a lot more.

Q. What Is The Effect Of Regular Tap Water On My Steamer

A. Regular tap water on its own is not harmful to your steamer. The problem arises when your water is hard water. Hard water contains some elements that can build up in your water reservoir leading to corrosion of your boiler. This will cause malfunction as a matter of time. The best way to handle this problem is to use distilled water. This can be made at home or purchased at a hardware store. Some steam cleaner users complain about this hidden cost of running a steamer. Over a period of time the total amount of buying distilled water can be significant.

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